I honestly feel like I don’t know anything about hockey and I wish people would ask me about it because that’s about the only way I can see what I know and don’t know

Lol the king just tweeted “touchdown for the sharks” I just can’t handle their twitter

Ugh my boobs hurt. Also I just want to go out on a date to a hockey game. Is that too much to ask?

I love the way Mats plays don’t get me wrong. I love the way he doesn’t take shit from anyone but I feel like one of these days someone isn’t going to like the fact that he doesn’t back down and he won’t be pushed around then they will hurt him. That’s scares me so much.

The fact of the matter is.. no we didn’t have a great game, it was good at the beginning but we need to be better all around. We haven’t won a game 2 in the last 7 rounds of playoff hockey we have played so I am not too worried. The boys looked disappointed and they know they need to be better. They will do what it takes to improve because I know they want this and as long as they try i will continue to be proud of my boys is blue.

Remember earlier today when mats got called for “diving” after he was pushed into the goal post and fell over the side of the net lol that was funny.